South-West Oxford

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South-West Oxford
Township (lower-tier)
Township of South-West Oxford
South-West Oxford is located in Southern Ontario
South-West Oxford
South-West Oxford
Coordinates: 42°57′N 80°48′W / 42.950°N 80.800°W / 42.950; -80.800Coordinates: 42°57′N 80°48′W / 42.950°N 80.800°W / 42.950; -80.800
Country  Canada
Province  Ontario
County Oxford
Formed 1975
 • Mayor David Mayberry
 • Federal riding Oxford
 • Prov. riding Oxford
 • Land 370.48 km2 (143.04 sq mi)
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 7,544
 • Density 20.4/km2 (53/sq mi)
Time zone EST (UTC-5)
 • Summer (DST) EDT (UTC-4)
Postal Code N0J
Area code(s) 519 and 226

South-West Oxford is a township in the Canadian province of Ontario, located within Oxford County. The township had a population of 7,544 in the 2011 Canadian census.


  • 1 Communities
  • 2 Attractions
  • 3 Climate
  • 4 Demographics
  • 5 Natural areas and parks
    • 5.1 Beachville Conservation Area
    • 5.2 Brownsville Community Centre
    • 5.3 Centreville Pond Park
    • 5.4 Dereham Wetlands Conservation Area
    • 5.5 Lawson Tract
    • 5.6 Foldens Reforested Area
    • 5.7 Hawkins Tract
    • 5.8 Hughes Tract
    • 5.9 Trillium Woods Provincial Natural Reserve
  • 6 History
  • 7 Historical events
  • 8 Historical figures
  • 9 Historical landmarks/cultural resources
    • 9.1 Beachville Heritage Museum
    • 9.2 Beachville Public Library
    • 9.3 Brownsville Community Hall
    • 9.4 Brownsville Public Library
    • 9.5 Mount Elgin Public Library
  • 10 Historical cemeteries
    • 10.1 Beachville Cemetery
    • 10.2 Ebenezer Grove Cemetery
    • 10.3 Harris Street Cemetery
    • 10.4 Mount Elgin Cemetery
    • 10.5 New Delmer Cemetery
    • 10.6 Old Delmer Cemetery
    • 10.7 St. Charles' Anglican Cemetery
    • 10.8 St Mary's Roman Catholic Cemetery
    • 10.9 Sweaburg Union Cemetery
  • 11 Historical churches
    • 11.1 Anglican Church
    • 11.2 Beachville Baptist Church
    • 11.3 Beachville United Church
    • 11.4 Brownsville Baptist Church
    • 11.5 Delmer United Church
    • 11.6 Foldens United Church
    • 11.7 Hi-Way Pentecostal Church
    • 11.8 Mount Elgin United Church
    • 11.9 Salford Old Reformed Church
    • 11.10 St. Charles Anglican Church
    • 11.11 Salford United Church
    • 11.12 Sweaburg United Church
    • 11.13 Verschoyle United Church
    • 11.14 West Oxford United Church
  • 12 Historical schools
  • 13 Plaques and monuments
    • 13.1 Beachville Cenotaph
    • 13.2 Dereham School S.S. No. 6
    • 13.3 John (Nick) Meathrell Bridge
    • 13.4 Public School S.S. No 5
    • 13.5 Robert F. Gourlay, 1778-1863
    • 13.6 Spike Caldwell Bridge
    • 13.7 S.S. No 2 Dereham School Area
    • 13.8 Wesley Memorial Church Cairn
    • 13.9 Zenda Gates
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First Baseball Game Plaque - Beachville Ont.

The township includes the following communities within its boundaries:[2]

  • Beachville
    • The first game of baseball was played in this community on 4 June 1838, a year before the Cooperstown Game. The Beachville Club and the Zorras were the teams playing on this occasion.[3] By 1869, Beachville was a Village with a population of 700 in the Township of Wext County Oxford. The village, which was on the Great Western Rail way and River Thames, contained 1 flour mill, 1 flax mill, 1 foundry, 2 saw mills, 2 tanneries, 4 churches, 2 common schools, and 3 hotels. There was a Stage to Embro Brooksdale and Stratford. The average price of land $30 to $40. [4] The postal code for Beachville is N0J1A0.
  • Brownsville
  • Brownsville Station
  • Centreville - the first site of European settlement and a primary school for grades 1-8 in the 1960s. Home of Centerville Pond.
  • Culloden
  • Delmer
  • Dereham Centre
    • The municipal offices of South-West Oxford are located in Dereham Centre.
  • Foldens
  • Hagles Corners
  • Mount Elgin
    • Located along Highway 19, south of Salford and north of Ostrander.
  • Ostrander
  • Salford: A small village along Highway 19 consisting of approximately 50 households. It is surrounded by agricultural land and the Oxford landfill to the east. The extent of its commercial infrastructure is a gasbar/garage which suffered a fire in 2004, and a post office/variety store/cheese museum. In addition, there was once a dairy and cheese mill, which was closed and now lies derelict. Other notable buildings include two churches, one which was recently closed due to a lack of funding, and the Salford Community Centre with a ball diamond. Salford was the birthplace of Aimee Semple McPherson.
  • Sweaburg
    • Sweaburg is located 5 km southwest of Woodstock. Its main intersection is Sweaburg Road and Dodge Line (County Roads 12 and 41). It had a public school for students up to grade three until 2009, and currently has Sweaburg United Church and cemetery, a ball diamond, and a convenience store.
  • Verschoyle
  • Zenda


  • Beachville District Museum
  • Jakeman's Maple Farm



Canada census – South-West Oxford community profile
2011 2006
Population: 7544 (-0.6% from 2006) 7589 (-2.5% from 2001)
Land area: 370.48 km2 (143.04 sq mi) 370.63 km2 (143.10 sq mi)
Population density: 20.4/km2 (53/sq mi) 20.5/km2 (53/sq mi)
Median age: 39.4 (M: 39.2, F: 39.6) 37.7 (M: 37.4, F: 37.9)
Total private dwellings: 2695 2667
Median household income: $65664
References: 2011[1] 2006[6] earlier[7]

Population trend:[8]

  • Population in 2006: 7589
  • Population in 2001: 7782
  • Population in 1996: 8441 (or 7788 when adjusted to 2001 boundaries)
  • Population in 1991: 8514

Natural areas and parks[edit]

Beachville Conservation Area[edit]

Zorra Line. 0.5 ha (1.25 acres) day use picnic area. Part of the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority.

Brownsville Community Centre[edit]

292238 Culloden Line. Plaque - the gateway into the park is a memorial. The Brownsville cenotaph has been dismantled due to vandalism.

Centreville Pond Park[edit]

584090 Beachville Road. A creek runs through the property. The dam is maintained by the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority.

Dereham Wetlands Conservation Area[edit]

312731 and 312722 Dereham Line. 59 ha (145 acres) for passive recreation and hunting. Part of the Long Point Region Conservation Authority.

Lawson Tract[edit]

363685 McBeth Rd. The family of Dr. John Lawson of Ingersoll Ontario donated this 14.5 ha (36 acre) parcel of property to the Federation of Ontario Naturalists. Dr. Lawson was a member of the Ingersoll Nature Club who loved nature and hoped to preserve it for future generations. This property consists of 4 ha (10 acres) of designated wet lands and 10.5 ha (26 acres) of mixed vegetation. There is a variety of plant life which is interesting to observe as it changes with the seasons.

Foldens Reforested Area[edit]

374153 Foldens Line. This property, which is owned by the Township of South-West Oxford, contains 18.2 ha (45 acres) of reforested area.

Hawkins Tract[edit]

143659 Hawkins Rd. 40.5 ha (100 acres) of Carolinian Forest. Part of the Catfish Creek Conservation Authority.

Hughes Tract[edit]

243790, 243762, 243734, 243700, 243680 Airport Rd.61 ha (150 acres) for passive recreation and hunting. Part of the Long Point Region Conservation Authority.

Trillium Woods Provincial Natural Reserve[edit]

454419 Trillium Line. This 10 ha (25 acre) parcel of land is the County's only Provincial Park. Near the northern limit of the Carolinian forest region and supports a mature forest of sugar maple, white ash, black cherry, bitternut hickory, beech and butternut.


Historical events[edit]

Historical figures[edit]

Historical landmarks/cultural resources[edit]

Beachville Heritage Museum[edit]

584371 Beachville Rd., Beachville. Located in the former home of one of the managers of the Beachville mine, this museum has a wealth of local history, artifacts and information.

Beachville Public Library[edit]

4 Main St. E., Beachville. A branch of the oxford County Library. Office building constructed in 1867.

Brownsville Community Hall[edit]

163518 Brownsville Rd., Brownsville. This building was once the Delmer Methodist Meeting House. After the Second World War, a basement was dug by members of the community and the building was dedicated as a war memorial. In 1967, the Brownsville Centennial project was to add a kitchen and a library to the existing structure.

Brownsville Public Library[edit]

163518 Brownsville Rd, Brownsville. A branch of the Oxford County Library; located in the Brownsville Community Hall. Plaque- The Brownsville Cheese Company plaque was donated by the Brownsville Women's Institute in 1966, the last year of operations of the plant. It commemorates the first joint cheese stock company and the first powdered milk manufactured in Canada.

Mount Elgin Public Library[edit]

333204 Plank Line, Mount Elgin. A branch of the Oxford County Library; located in the Mount Elgin Community Centre.

Historical cemeteries[edit]

Beachville Cemetery[edit]

Located 584523 Beachville Road. One of the oldest cemeteries in Oxford County. First burial was 1817.

Ebenezer Grove Cemetery[edit]

Located 343606 Ebenezer Road. First burial was 1855.

Harris Street Cemetery[edit]

Located 334063 Plank Line. The present Harris Street cemetery was originally the burying ground for the Second Regular Baptist of West Oxford. The church was located on the site from 1832 until it was removed in 1870. A cemetery permit with regulations was granted in 1836. Gilbert Harris owned the farm property on which the cemetery was located at the time. Records indicate that the cemetery became a public cemetery on March 2, 1872.

Mount Elgin Cemetery[edit]

Located 324085 Mount Elgin Road. Created in 1847.

New Delmer Cemetery[edit]

Located 312242 Dereham Line. Created in 1910.

Old Delmer Cemetery[edit]

Located 163891 Brownsville Road. Established in 1846.

St. Charles' Anglican Cemetery[edit]

Located 224570 Ostrander Road. Established in 1857.

St Mary's Roman Catholic Cemetery[edit]

Located 584872 Beachville Road.

Sweaburg Union Cemetery[edit]

474433 Dodge Line. Opened in 1862.

Historical churches[edit]

Anglican Church[edit]

Located Richmond St, Culloden. Built in 1910.

Beachville Baptist Church[edit]

Located King St, Beachville. Built in 1948.

Beachville United Church[edit]

Located 4348089 Zorra Line, Beachville. Congregation was established in 1867, while the new building was constructed in 1891.

Brownsville Baptist Church[edit]

Located 292257 Culloden Line, Brownsville. Built in 1881.

Delmer United Church[edit]

Located 312281 Dereham Line. Built in 1905.

Foldens United Church[edit]

374097 Foldens Line. Congregation was established in 1866. The first building is now used as a community hall and the new church was built in 1911.

Hi-Way Pentecostal Church[edit]

Services began in the 1890s.

Mount Elgin United Church[edit]

Located 324105 Mount Elgin Rd. It was a Methodist church until 1925. Built in 1900.

Salford Old Reformed Church[edit]

Located 313719 Dereham Line. Built in 1921. Part of the Old-Reformed Congregations in the Netherlands. Formerly the Salford Baptist Church.

St. Charles Anglican Church[edit]

224570 Ostrander Road. Built in 1844.

Salford United Church[edit]

Located 333747 Plank Line. The building was used between 1849 and 1890 by a Methodist congregation. It joined the United Church in 1925. A plaque is present for Aimee Semple McPherson, 1890-1944, a celebrated evangelist and faith healer who was born on a farm west of Salford. She founded the Four Square Gospel Church and built the Angelus Temple in Los Angeles in 1923.

Sweaburg United Church[edit]

Located 474425 Dodge Line. Methodist congregation joined the United Church in 1925. Built in 1888.

Verschoyle United Church[edit]

Located 293218 Culloden Line. Built in 1929. Formerly St Andrew's Presbyterian Church.

West Oxford United Church[edit]

Located 354395 Church Line. Oxford County's oldest Protestant congregation, giving continuous service since its founding in 1804.

Historical schools[edit]

Plaques and monuments[edit]

Beachville Cenotaph[edit]

434852 Zorra Line. Plaque - it is located at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 495.

Dereham School S.S. No. 6[edit]

323 Mount Elgin Rd. The Verschoyle Women's Institute erected this cairn in 1975 and the Verschoyle Community club in honour of the Verschoyle community who have worked for better education from pioneer days. The cairn contains the bell and bricks from the S.S. No. 6 Dereham School, 1876-1973.

John (Nick) Meathrell Bridge[edit]

Water Works Road bridge, west of Ingersoll, north from CR 9. Commemorates Oxford's first professional engineer who oversaw the development of the County Road System from 1928 to his retirement in 1968.

Public School S.S. No 5[edit]

324119 Mount Elgin Rd. Northeast corner of Plank Line and Mount Elgin Road. A cairn erected by the Mount Elgin Women's Institute in 1964 to commemorate the Public School S.S. No 5, 1872-1954.

Robert F. Gourlay, 1778-1863[edit]

333227 Plank Line. Southwest corner of Plank Line and Mount Elgin Road. Robert Gourlay was a radical Scot who crusaded for social reform in Britain and Upper Canada in the early 19th century.

Spike Caldwell Bridge[edit]

On northwest and southeast approaches on bridge on CR 45 north of Putnam. Commemorates the District Municipal Engineer who from 1939-1970 worked at the Provincial DHO London office in support of County Engineers in Oxford, Middlesex and Elgin.

S.S. No 2 Dereham School Area[edit]

383908 Salford Rd. The Salford Community Centre is located on the former S.S. No. 2 Dereham School Area (1958). There is a stone cairn with three plaques on the north side and a school bell on the top: Plaque 1 - To commemorate Salford School S.S. #2 Dereham 1877- 1958. Erected by Salford Women's Institute Centennial Project. Plaque 2 - Pioneer School Teacher Lydia Chase Ranney 1801-1901, Wife of Hiram Ranney, journeyed from Massachusetts, U.S.A. to Oxford County 1834. The first school teacher in Oxford County to receive a legislative grant. Building was located one block west. The first maker of cheddar cheese in Canada. Interred in the Harris Street Cemetery, West Oxford Township. Plaque 3 - Evangelist Aimee Kennedy Semple McPherson, Founder of Angelus Temple, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. Born Salford, Ontario/ 1890. Interred Glendale, California/ 1944. Daughter of James Morgan Kennedy. Interred Harris Street Cemetery, West Oxford Township.

Wesley Memorial Church Cairn[edit]

312918 Dereham Line, Dereham Centre. Northeast corner of Dereham Line and Prouse Line. This cairn erected to the glory of God and in memory of the pioneers of this community and those who worshipped and served in Wesley Memorial Church. The United Church of Canada, 1892-1972.

Zenda Gates[edit]

Zenda Line. The entrance to where the famous Zenda Garden Parties were held.

See also[edit]

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