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Belmont, Ontario

Belmont, Ontario is a community in the municipality of Central Elgin, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada. It is located south-east of London and north-east of St. Thomas. Belmont has a population of approximately 1500 people.

Belmont was first settled by Joshua S. O'Dell 1832 and called Kettle Creek. In 1849, a post office was opened as Plymouth 3 kilometres to the north of the settlement. By this point, the settlement was called Belmont. The citizens requested that the Plymouth post office be renamed Belmont, and in 1854, that the Belmont post office be moved south into the community. The origins of the name Belmont are not known.

Belmont was incorporated as a Village in 1961, and amalgamated with other area municipalities to form Central Elgin in 1998.

Belmont was home to the Belmont Bombers, a junior hockey team that plays in the Southern Ontario Junior Hockey League. The Bombers changed their name to the Central Elgin Express prior to the 2006-07 season, as they are splitting their home games between Port Stanley, Ontario and Belmont.

Belmont erected a new water tower as of 2004 in order to support their increasing population, and to support a proposed new sub-division.

Taking Westchester Bourne/CR-74 north of Belmont, takes you to Highway 401 in around 7 minutes. After that, you can turn left on any road to reach Southeast London.

Although there is a lot of small town drama in this small town, people still enjoy walking through the ungroomed parks, and skating on the brand new pond. This town consists of two things. Materialism, and Alcohol. Period.

Recently, the OPP have been cracking down on Belmont for all of the petty crimes happening. The town has a reputation for tough farm kids, but lately, a new group of individuals has brought the crime to new levels, constantly increasing police presence. The OPP are working hard to apprehend these teens and would appreciate any support. Their gang consists of 4-10 teenagers, 2 of which have been reported more often than others, and have brief descriptions. One is taller, just over 6" with brownish/blonde hair, with an athletic build. The other is average height, around 5'11, with longer brown hair and an athletic build. This gang has been reported to chant "644" (Belmont's area number) as they are fleeing the scene. Their crimes consist of theft, vandalism, breaking and entering, assault, and countless acts of petty crimes. Their most common crime is to throw objects at cars during the night, mostly snowballs in the winter. If anyone has any tips about this group, please contact crime stoppers, or the OPP, your names will remain anonymous. Please help stop this group before their acts escalate further.