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Cat lake, Ontario

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Cat Lake (Ontario)

Cat Lake is a lake in Kenora District in Northwestern Ontario, Canada.[1] It is the source of the Cat River. The Cat Lake First Nation served by Cat Lake Airport is on the central north shore of the lake.

Cat Lake
Cat Lake is located in Ontario
Cat Lake
Cat Lake
Location in Ontario
Location Kenora District, Ontario
Coordinates 51°42′02″N 91°50′53″W / 51.70056°N 91.84806°W / 51.70056; -91.84806Coordinates: 51°42′02″N 91°50′53″W / 51.70056°N 91.84806°W / 51.70056; -91.84806[1]
Type Lake
Part of James Bay drainage basin
Primary outflows Cat River
Basin countries Canada

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