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Goulais River, Ontario

Goulais River, Ontario is a community located in Fenwick Township, Algoma District, at the western terminus of Highway 552, on the Goulais river. As of 1997, its population was 339 but is much larger today.

The community began in 1882 and was founded by Captain Fred Till, for which the town's community centre is named after - Captain Tilly Community Centre. The post office was established about 1940. Today, "downtown" Goulais River consists of the combination general store and post office but also has a variety of churches, stores, services and so on in the area and, since 1996, the community was served by the Goulaigan Free Press but is now only served by the "Northern Newsletter." In Goulais River has three parts Downtown Goulais, Bellview Valley and Goulais River. However Goulais is divided by highway 17 as either east or west.