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From employee retention & recruitment to providing increased member value, the benefits of implementing a Group Mortgage Plan are significant.

Any type of organization can participate - corporations, associations, unions and non-profit.

All groups would have access to weekly rate bulletins, brochures, product summaries, and custom group mortgage web sites.

Charitable organizations may be offered a rebate based on the volume of business generated

Affinity Plan

  • Our Affinity Plan is available at no cost or administration to your organization, and available to all employees/members of your organization, including all full-time, part-time and contract staff

  • Employees / Members benefit with a wide range of mortgage products and options including:

    1. Selecting from over 300 Canada's best lenders

    2. rates below the posted rates (between 1.00% to 1.25%), including rates below Prime

    3. cash-back option � up to 5%

    4. Waived fees

    5. Line of credit

    6. Increased prepayment privilege

    7. Plus the added convenience of accessing all options through Group Mortgage's dedicated call centre.

  • Organizations benefit with a high-value, zero cost program, that can be implemented as part of an existing benefit package or stand-alone. All marketing materials are provided, printed or electronic, fully customized to each organization's needs.

Homebuyer Benefits

  • Lower monthly mortgage payments

  • Guaranteed lower interest rates, including rates below Bank Prime

  • Canada's best lenders - a choice of over 300 products

  • Waived Fees - guaranteed $200 toward appraisal or transfer legal cost

  • Cash up front - up to 5% vs. market standard of 3%

  • Dedicated, professional mortgage service & advice

  • Superior Payment Privileges

Organizational Benefits

  • Retain and recruit valuable employees and members

  • No costs

  • Marketing and promotion support

  • Guaranteed preferred mortgage rates, fees, and options for employees / members

  • A dedicated team of professionals to help design and implement the program that meets corporate objectives

  • Increased employee satisfaction through an enhanced benefits package and higher disposable income

  • No risk to organization: all mortgages are held by recognized Financial Institution


  • Choose from Canada's best lenders and over 300 mortgage products

  • Low Interest Rates

Guaranteed discounts on all open and closed terms, including rate below Bank Prime closed

  • Cash Up Front

Up to 4% - use however you like, including legal or closing costs, RRSP, RESP or a mortgage prepayment

  • Mortgage Free Faster

Take advantage of the freedom to pay down your mortgage faster, without penalty

  • Reduced Interest Costs

Superior pre-payment privilege of 20% & increased payment privileges of up to 100%

  • Travel & Merchandise