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Renewing Your Mortgage...

Mortgage renewal in Canada is a process you have to pay attention to. You will benefit from a "responsible renewal"

Is your mortgage coming up for renewal? If the answer is yes, don't rush into signing the dotted line, please continue reading. It could be save you a lot of money!!

A renewal offer will rarely have a discounted rate. They count on homebuyers not researching the competition, and they were right. Over 70% of mortgage holders renew the bank�s first offer, without considering their options. This may result in a higher interest rate and a mortgage that may not suit your personal needs and situation.

Renewal forms do not typically offer the most competitive rates and are sent only one month before your mortgage matures. This is done to take advantage of our busy schedules and the pressure to hastily renew your mortgage without researching what the competition has to offer.

The customary policy of the "Big Banks" is to at most discount their rate from 0.10%-0.75%. However, in order to receive this discount, the bank wants to see your personal investment portfolio. Here at Basic Mortgage, we do not believe your net worth should be a factor I the discount you receive. We believe you discount should be based on qualifying procedures and job stability, not how much money you have. This is why our discounts start at 1.00%-1.75%.

We at Basic Mortgage are here to offer you the expertise and resources so that you can take advantage of the competitive Canadian mortgage market. We deal with numerous leading lending institutions in order to find you the best rates and terms to suit your individual needs. Because we are an independent company, we do not work for one bank or institution. Our commitment is to you and we pride ourselves on finding out clients the best mortgage rate in Canada.

The greatest advantage when using Basic Mortgage Corporation is our service! We don't just stop at the application. Basic Mortgage prides itself on assist you in gathering all the information that the lender requires. Our experienced team of professional brokers can also assist you with choosing the right legal representation, residential appraiser, home inspector and insurance broker. We have the solutions to all of your mortgage related concerns. Unlike the big banks, we work harder to earn your business and to keep you coming back!

If you have any questions concerning you upcoming mortgage renewal please use are contact application to forward any questions to one of our licensed representatives.

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