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Solutions for Self-Employed...

Buy a Home without Income verification

If you are self-employed, you may have found yourself unable to meet the narrow criteria given by many lending institutions. This can be a significant obstacle because mortgage credit can prove to be an excellent source of borrowing power. It can assist you in the purchase or refinancing of a home, consolidate debt, or obtain the finances needed for an investment or major purchase.

Even if you cannot prove your income, this hurdle can be conquered. Basic Mortgage Corporation of Canada is just the solution you were looking for. If you need money for any reason, and are the sole proprietor, partner or shareholder of a corporation, let us help you take advantage of the many programs specifically designed for the business owner.

Currently we offer the following no income verification products if you are self-employed:

  • 1st mortgage loans up to 90% of your home value

  • 2nd mortgage loans up to 85% of your home value

  • Home equity Visa card up to 80% of your home value