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Port Elgin, Ontario

Port Elgin is a community in Bruce County, Ontario, located on Lake Huron. Close to MacGregor Point Provincial Park, the community has several beaches on Lake Huron.

The community was named after James Bruce, 8th Earl of Elgin, a former Governor General of Canada in 1873. Originally, the village was named Normanton. In the 1990s, Port Elgin was merged into the town of Saugeen Shores, Ontario. It is the largest community in Saugeen Shores, with a population of over 7000 people.


The original economic development of Port Elgin during the 19th century was based on its harbour facilities on Lake Huron constructed in 1857-1858. This made the village a distribution centre for the surrounding agricultural region. The increasing urbanisation of Ontario and the increased importance of the road network for transporting goods resulted in a declining economy and population. More recently, recreation and the nearby Bruce Nuclear Generating Station have dominated the local economy.


Port Elgin is renowned for its beautiful sunsets. There is a common urban legend in Port Elgin that National Geographic selected the town as having the world's best sunsets. However, this is unverified.[1]

Every year, on the first weekend in October, Port Elgin hosts a Pumpkinfest. Pumpkinfest is a competition between farmers to grow the largest pumpkin and other common farm crops. In 2004, a new record for the world's largest pumpkin (656 kg) was set at the festival.

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