St. Clair Beach, Ontario

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St Clair Beach

St. Clair Beach is a community on Lake Saint Clair in the town of Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada. Until 1998, the village was a separate entity, but was amalgamated into Tecumseh.

St. Clair Beach is known for its old-fashioned street name signs along Riverside Drive, a large shopping plaza at the corner of Manning Road (Essex County Road 19) and Tecumseh Road (Essex County Road 2), a private golf course Beach Grove Golf and Country Club, scenic bike trails, and even large whiskey cellars where Hiram Walker Distillery and the Canadian Club store their spirits to age for a few years (actually in neighbouring Lakeshore).

Coordinates: 42°19′01″N 82°51′00″W / 42.317°N 82.850°W / 42.317; -82.850