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Victor Golub, Mortgage Specialist

I have been specializing in Mortgage Financing for a number of years and have acquired the experience to deal with any financing scenario. Prior to Basic Mortgage Corporation, my background is that I was self-employed for five years. The success and experience I acquired allow me to be able to put mortgage deals together for the self-employed folks with ease. These skills help me to put together your financing regardless of your financing scenario.

My business philosophy and commitment to you is:

I will be on call for you and your clients at any time, for pre-approvals or for any financing questions and I will return calls promptly and keep you updated.

I will make sure that your clients are well informed on the various mortgage products and financing options and terms available. I will always give the client the best possible deal available in the market at that time and I will make sure that it suits the clients personal needs.

Most importantly, I understand the level of stress that buying and selling can create. I will make sure that your clients are listened to, treated sincerely, and that I follow through on any promises that I make.

It is my pleasure to assist you in any way that I can, whether it be to refinance, renew or to make the dream of home ownership as smooth and cost efficient as possible.

Please try me as your Mortgage Specialist. You will be glad you did.