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If you have not already thought of starting your own home based small business, you should consider it. A small business, run from home - even part-time, can create a tremendous tax shelter for you every year. Start-up costs are minimal and overheads are low.


Many of the things you own may become partially or fully deductible, including the purchase price of the business! Check this partial list: how many of these deductions are you currently eligible for?

  • Personal travel

  • Automobile expenses

  • Portion of home

  • Interest on loans for assets used in the business

  • Home computer and office equipment

  • Telephone/fax

  • Audio equipment/VCR/camera equipment

  • Educational Videos, seminars

  • Salaries paid to spouse/children

  • Gifts to clients/associates

  • Entertainment, meals, transportation

Check with your accountant or financial planner who knows your situation to see how a small business will help you and to determine what tax advantages you may receive.

You won't be alone! A recent study determined that there are over 2 million households in Canada conducting some kind of business from home. Home-based business has become an accepted part of the North American business fabric.