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We are looking for self starting Mortgage Agents .
Some knowledge & experience in mortgages is an asset. Interested in making a move or starting a career in the lucrative business of developing mortgages?

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Who we are?

The is a division of Basic Mortgage Corporation, operating in Ontario, Canada. Managers of Basic Mortgage with many years of experience, we have built our success based on a reputation of honesty, dependability and integrity.

Nature of the mortgage business

So, you have decided to go into business for yourself, and enter the residential mortgage market by becoming an Authorized Agent. Authorized Agents are permitted by law to accept credit applications and process them through our online software package. You will be legally entitled to receive a commission for doing so. As an agent you are not required to be licensed and will operate your business under Basic Mortgage.

Your job as an Authorized Agent is to be the interface between the mortgage buyer and ourselves. You are responsible for running your own business. We will teach you how to market yourself and the Basic Mortgage within your community and your own personal network of friends and associates. Our role is to provide you with all the tools you need to be successful.

What We Offer:

High Commission Split: Mortgage specialists and mortgage firms have typically negotiated a commission split. Our commission split is among the highest in the industry. A competent full-time mortgage specialist can make over $100, 000 per year.

Education and Training:

Many mortgage firms are charging agents money to be trained. We provide (at no cost to you) the education and training to ensure that you have the tools necessary for success. Agents can use our office facilities or they can work from their homes.

Immediately after signing your registration papers, we will begin training period. Within a few days, your business cards will be printed and the software for submitting on-line application will be loaded onto your computer. We focus on business development, teaching you how to increase volume of outside business that you bring to the office.

Support System:

Mortgage Specialists often lose business because of a lack of knowledge. We will ensure that you are connected with an individual who will help to provide the knowledge and experience to close your deals.

Marketing Material:

We have developed the marketing material that you will need to build and market your individual business, at no cost to you.

The Package

$1995.00 is a one-time set-up fee payable prior to attending our mortgage course. The fee includes ongoing education programs that take place at our Toronto office. The value of our package includes:

  • The opportunity to work under the Basic Mortgage label.

  • To be a part of our team and earn 60% - 90% commissions.

  • To have ongoing support and coaching.

  • To have our history and reputation behind you.

  • Be listed on our Internet site for client contact

  • You will be fully computerized with online mortgage software to be able to work from home

We give your business the structure it requires so you can focus on the business of selling mortgages.


  • 1) Review the information we send you.

    2) Meet with us.

    3) Execute an Authorized Agency Agreement and make payment of $1995.00.

    4) Attend the mandatory five day training course at our premises.

    5) Submit to the ministry a Notification of Authorized Agency and confirmation of course attendance.

    6) Set-up your computer software on-line with us.

    7) You are in business.